Martha is 73 years young. After 6 years in our PSH program, she’s moving into a place that she can call her own.

She’s most excited to move close to all her friends!

Congrats on your hard work Martha.

SSHH's Permanent Support Housing (PSH) program is dedicated to providing permanent housing and intensive case management to chronically homeless and disabled unhoused members of the Sacramento Community. Learn more about PSH. PSH case managers help program participants like Martha to gain a source of income and access other mainline services. In Martha's case, her awesome case manager helped her find her own apartment thanks to last year's Emergency Housing Voucher Program, through Sacramento County.

You can sustain the incredible work of our PSH program by becoming a sustained giver. With a donation of $100 per month ($1,200), you are helping to pay 1/4th of the salary of one of our case managers. Learn more about the GEM (Give Every Month) program.

SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!