Erin and her family


Erin and her family are now reunited. Living under the same roof, off the street. "I wouldn't be where I am today without SSHH and HART."

Erin was one of the first residents of Charlotte House, SSHH, and Carmichael HART's transitional house for women.

SSHH and HART are changing lives in our community.

Erin is one of 150+ individuals and families that SSHH assisted in transitioning to a life of stable housing last year. Learn more about SSHH's Interim House Program.

Donations to support SSHH's GEM (Give Every Month: support this effort.) With a donation of $25 per month ($300), you can pay the monthly electricity bill for someone like Erin for an entire year. Become a GEM.

SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!