Ms. Smith is back home!


SSHH met Anne at the Salvation Army Shelter in 2019. Anne was wrongly discharged from the hospital after a medical emergency and became homeless.

For the first time in her life, she was unable to meet her basic needs. Anne had no food, no job, no place to live, and little hope she would get back to her life that once was. This was new territory for her. For 40+ years Anne raised a family, held full-time employment, paid rent on time, and even volunteered in her community of Folsom, where she was a 2nd generation resident. 

Anne worked with an SSHH housing counselor, as part of the Sacramento County funded Pathways program. The purpose of the funding is to rapidly mobilize resources to help newly unhoused people in Sacramento achieve permanent housing. Luckily, this was exactly what happened with Anne.

After 4 months of assessing rental applications, visiting apartments, and weighing her options, Anne secured a rental apartment near the Folsom City Zoo. Down the street from the location she lived a decade ago. 

“The biggest hurdle for me was finding a place that would accept my housing choice voucher.” 

Anne thanks SSHH’s housing counselor Nancy for making the difference. “Nancy encouraged me to keep a positive attitude. She gave me clear instructions on how to apply for housing within my needs and limitations and ended up being a major game changer.” 

With a new place to live and her life back on track, Anne is looking forward to volunteering in her community. She’s looking at part time and volunteer positions at the Folsom City Zoo.

SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!