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In life, progress takes many forms, from transformative to negligible. It can be accepting a well-deserved, higher-paid position, deciding to spend more time with the family, or simply making marginal improvements to your day-to-day routine to be healthier. Oftentimes in the social services space, progress is holding the course in a progressive state of recovery from a societal, economic, or mental health condition bogging you down. Such is the case with the newest SSHH employee and graduate of the Grace House recovery program, David.
The last time we spoke with David, he was thankful for SSHH’s Homeless Outreach Navigator and Citrus Heights HART supporting the start and (can confirm) longevity of his journey in recovery. Since, David has made great strides. Thanks to a sponsorship from HART, David once again has his license and graduated from the recovery program - sober. He’s employed full-time by the agency that supported, and still supports, his transition off the street onto a life of permanent and sustainable housing.
“My journey off the street and my recoveries are one and the same, a new way of life. I put in work in both, every day. I stay busy doing what I find joy in and take matters day by day. SSHH and Citrus Heights HART had shown me compassion, getting involved in compassion is what I needed to keep going.”
Going forward, David’s goal is to stay consistent. “I’m not getting high today.” But also to revel in what he’s achieved. David is now 400 days sober, living in and paying for his own room, and holding a leadership position in his support group.
David can be found Tuesdays at the Arden library and Wednesdays at Carmichael Park, where he meets with the local homeless to offer advice and housing referrals, as an SSHH Homeless Outreach Navigator. The job of a  Homeless Outreach Navigators is to help the unhoused find their way back to a life of permanent housing.

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