SIP Housing, A Success

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Meet Eric (Right). Eric is thriving in our SIP Permanent Supportive Housing program. Before getting connected with SSHH, Eric was homeless and arrested over 25 times for public intoxication and other similar alcohol-related violations. Since moving into SIP housing, he hasn’t had a single run-in with the law.
The SIP program logic is as follows: it is more cost-effective to move a serial user of emergency services into permanent housing than to leave them on the street to keep getting arrested and spending community dollars. SIP program participants are able to drink in the safety of their home (like you and me). Each house is placed near a liquor store so participants have safe access to drinks and stay off the streets. When they are ready to try sober living, we move them into a recovery program or dry house. SIP is part of SSHH's Permanent Supportive Housing Program.