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 Tiffany was born into a difficult family. She rarely got along with her sisters and parents, which persisted into her mental health issues. In adulthood, she started down the wrong path. She began a life in and out of jail, driven by the next fix. Drugs were her only escape.

After 10 years of marriage and three children, Tiffany got divorced. While using, she was unable to handle the responsibilities of normal life, and her relationship went downhill. The low was hit when Tiffany’s mother called the police on her daughter for using. She was a danger to her mother, a danger to herself - and Tiffany agreed.

This time, Tiffany’s 3-month stay in prison was the turning point. Because she was homeless, Tiffany qualified for a housing program after she served her time, so long as she stayed clean and followed the rules. She said, the promise of permanent housing and the potential to have her own oasis away from drugs and abuse was enough to motivate her to stay clean and progress to a life she deemed worth living.

After being released from prison early, Tiffany moved into transitional housing. Here, she began taking anger management classes and attending weekly therapy sessions. Last January, Tiffany celebrated 2 years sober and moved into her own apartment, thanks to help from her Wellspace Case Manager and SSHH’s Property Related Tenants Services Program (PRTS). Tiffany is currently permanently housed in SSHH’s PRTS program.

Tiffany is now working towards her goals of purchasing a car and finding full-time work. She is looking forward to being off of probation in April 2021. October update - Tiffany is now working full-time with the local school district! Way to go Tiffany!