Meet Seth.

There is a certain number of our unhoused community that has fallen on hard times and find themselves “one step away” from a new life back on track. According to our outreach navigators, ⅓ of our current cases fall into this “one step away” demographic. This step can consist simply of a security deposit, help on a rental application, a mental health care appointment, or a connection with a social worker that instills a level of confidence to get going. The latter, the connection with our Citrus Heights Navigator Toni, is exactly what helped Seth get his life back on track. 

Seth started using at age 7. This led to more than a decade of abuse, wandering, trouble with the law, unstable housing, and the general difficulty of getting his life straightened out. A few years ago he moved back to California to be closer to his mother.

Once he moved back to California, hoping to start anew, the troubles from his previous life loomed and prevented him from moving forward. The cycle of homelessness seemed insurmountable. Permanent housing, a fulltime job, and a normal life seemed out of reach until he got connected with the SSHH Navigator Toni. 

And the turning point. Seth decided to enroll in a 21-day BAART program. Then, from there, Toni and Seth made the mutual decision to move Seth into Grace House, a transitional house for those in recovery. For the first time in a long time, he felt the structure of normal life building a foundation and the cycle of homelessness peeling away. 

After his stay at Grace House, Seth moved into Next Step Transitional Housing. Here, now comfortable and confident, Toni worked with Seth on applying for jobs, getting his driver's license, and creating action plans for setting him up for success.  

Seth is now an employee of SSHH. He began working as a housing locator a month ago. His job, appropriately, is to assist our program participants with navigating the complexities of social assistance programs and the rental housing market. “What can I do today to better myself and others,” is his mantra. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to assist our clients than Seth. Good luck to you Seth! And congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished. 

Seth is also an incredible photographer. Check out his work here:

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