Chronically homeless and disabled people need extra support. To meet their needs we developed a housing program for the most vulnerable people coming from the streets and emergency shelters. We house them in 28 single-family residences (totaling 140 beds) scattered throughout Sacramento County. Sacramento Steps Forward helps us locate the most vulnerable men and women on the streets.

Our case managers, also known as guardian angels, help our clients:

  • Apply for disability benefits,
  • Receive proper medical care,
  • Develop a plan of action to retain their housing,
  • Learn life skills like cooking and cleaning,
  • Build a therapeutic community within the house,
  • Attain stability for the first time in years,
  • Reintegrate into the community and their families, and 
  • Identify goals and work to achieve them.

Our Permanent Supportive Housing has been successful in keeping the chronically homeless housed, with 96 percent of individuals entering the program remaining housed. In 2015, we served a total of 112 individuals. Sixteen moved on during the year, and of these, 14 went into their own independent, permanent homes. Yes! This is a real measure of success for those who couldn‟t maintain housing on their own until coming to Sacramento Self-Help Housing.

SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!

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