Harmony Homes

Harmony 1
SSHH will be managing the City of Lodi’s Harmony Homes Project, located at 301 East Lodi Avenue, Lodi, CA 95240. This Permanent Supportive Housing project consists of one accessible and three standard, modular homes. Each house offers 490 square feet of living space with, appliances, utility access, and facilities. The lot will contain secured parking with an accessible electric gate, perimeter fence, and landscaping.A family of up to three individuals may reside in each house. The tenants will be limited to unhoused Lodi residents referred by the Lodi Salvation Army, the Lodi House, the Women’s Center Youth and Family Services, or other Lodi homeless service providers.Qualified individuals/families will receive a Housing Choice Voucher from the Housing Authority County of San Joaquin and (as required by that agency) will also need to pay no less than 30% of their monthly income (after exemptions) and no more than 40% for lodging.As a Permanent Supportive Housing project, there are no time limits for how long a resident can live in a Harmony Homes unit. Our hope is that these four units will provide us the opportunity to work with and help these clients to develop a sound tenancy record and the skills necessary to use their housing voucher to advance to bigger and better housing, thereby freeing up the Harmony Homes unit to help another family to transition out of the shelter. 

SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!