To transform the lives of those who are chronically homeless and disabled, SSHH provides Permanent Supportive Housing. The goal of SSHH’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people coming from the streets and emergency shelters. Through a partnership with Sacramento Steps Forward, we eliminate the barriers to housing that keep these individuals on the streets.

Currently, SSHH’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program shelters 200+ recently chronically homeless and disabled Sacramento County residents. 

Each client in SSHH’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program is linked with a case manager, who makes weekly house visits, assists with problem resolution, conducts intake assessments and develops client-driven Individual Case Plans (ICP), and provides supportive services to meet the goals in the case plan. Participants are provided referrals based on the barriers identified in ICPs in the 8 assessment domains of alcohol and drug, medical, legal, psycho-social, education, financial, family and housing.

Case Managers also assist participants with accessing educational programs, employment training, and seeking employment when appropriate. Referrals to mainstream resources (GA, SSDI DHS, Social Security, VA, MediCal, employment services through SETA, and other government entities) are also provided in an effort to increase income.



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