Become a Housing GEM

What is a GEM?

GEMs (Give Every Month) are people like you that want to help the homeless in their community by way of investing in the sustainability and expansion of SSHH's housing programs. Like diamonds, SSHH's programs were created and advanced by the pressure of the Sacramento Housing Crisis.

Why support SSHH?

You should support SSHH's housing programs because they are humane, cost-efficient, effective, and embrace the Housing First philosophy. Housing First is the idea that the best way to transition a recently homeless person off the street and into a life of permanent and sustainable housing is to start with providing a roof over their head and a safe place to sleep. Research shows homeless individuals and families are more receptive to life-changing case management services when they live in a home.


Where does my donation go?

Below is a photo of one of our program participants named Tyler. Tyler was homeless his entire life until he found his way into our housing program. After about a year of housing and services, he got his license, found a full-time job, and is now permanently housed. At 28 years old, he will be attending college to study art and theater.

For the cost of $25, $50, or $100 per month, you can help a community member like Tyler achieve a new life. With a donation of $25 per month ($300), you can pay the monthly electricity bill for someone like Tyler for an entire year. With a donation of $50 per month ($600) you can pay for one month's rent for a resident in our shared-living house. With a donation of $100 per month ($1,200), you are helping to pay 1/4th of the salary of one of our case managers. With a one time donation, you can make an immediate impact in the life of an unhoused individual or family in our community.

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SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!