What is interim housing?

By embracing the housing first model, SSHH’s Interim Housing Department helps those that are recently chronically homeless transition to a life of sustainable, permanent, and safe housing through holistic and intensive case management services.

SSHH’s Interim Housing Department embraces the philosophy that anyone, regardless of physical, financial, or mental limitations can achieve permanent housing with a healthy environment and the right type of supportive services.

The SSHH Interim Housing Department operates houses across Sacramento. Recently, they’ve paired with Sacramento County to facilitate a 75-bed scattered-site emergency shelter for those living on the banks of the America River.

Join us for a tour of one of our program houses.

Currently, our Interim housing department provides shelter and case management services to over 150 individuals and families. Over the course of last year, they’ve had an over 60% success rate of transitioning clients into permanent housing, at an innovative low cost, as compared to conventional alternatives like motels, overnight shelters, and jail cells.

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Also, check out our exciting new San Joaquin County affiliate program - www.stocktonselfhelp.org

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