Property Related Tenant Services

Property Related Tenant Services (PRTS) is a new Sacramento County-funded SSHH program. Its focus is on housing individuals and families that are currently living in a place not meant for human habitation and high users of systems resources.


What's the goal of PRTS?

The goal of PRTS is to help individuals and families who lack suitable and sustainable housing, whether they are living in a shelter, couch surfing, a vehicle, the park, the sidewalk, or on the river, to have a safe decent sanitary place to call home. By providing them a home, program participants will be able to work with their case managers to assist in obtaining the help they need to heal their wounds, whether physical or mental, obtain a source of income, gain the necessary skills to take over their own rental lease, and sustainably pay rent, utilities, and other expenses. 

We currently have 120+ program participant households who are permanently housed in PRTS and we have many other households who are on their way to permanent housing.


How is PRTS funded? 

PRTS is funded by the County of Sacramento.


What is the referral process into PRTS?

The Department of Human Assistance receives referrals (clients) from a variety of agencies including, the County Jail, Behavioral Health Services, Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, Public Defenders office, CalWorks, Hospitals, and other partners. The clients are high users of the systems resources.  


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How do we find housing? 

SSHH's Housing Procurement Specialist finds housing partners through various apartment communities, property management groups, individual landlords, and investors who will either work with the client directly in providing them a lease or master lease with SSHH. "Master lease" is SSHH's process of leasing a property for a client. Wherein SSHH is the applicant and the tenant and the client is the subtenant.   


The clients are housed, what’s next? 

SSHH then continues to monitor and assist the client either directly or through their case managers to keep them in compliance with the lease/house rules. If the housing is not a good match for the client we will relocate the client to more suitable housing and provide the moving service to the new location. 

If you have questions about PRTS please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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