Lease to Sacramento Self-Help Housing

Our Needs 

SSHH is looking for four, five, and six detached single-family homes in Sacramento County to support our housing programs. SSHH is in need of partners willing to lease to their properties to support our life saving programs. Thank you for the consideration!

Who We Lease From 

Various individual homeowners, brokers, property management companies, and investors. 

Benefits of Leasing to SSHH

  • Landlords are guaranteed rent payments always paid in full. Rents paid are based on Fair Market Rent for the county where the home is located. Rent payments are made in full regardless of the occupancy level.
  • Your lease is solely with our agency, SSHH. Our Executive Director signs each lease. We have been leasing properties successfully since 2006, and currently, lease over 200 homes. 
  • SSHH is a long-term tenant. That means - no turnover costs. 
  • SSHH is responsible for screening all participants of the program and, when needed, assisting the participants with signing and adhering to house rules.
  • SSHH assumes all responsibility for any participant-caused damages.
  • SSHH has an onsite house leader that lives at the property to ensure maintenance issues are reported promptly. 
  • SSHH has a rental housing services department to address repairs and inspect properties at least twice a year.
  • SSHH has a case management team that visits the house at least weekly and ensures participants’ compliance with the house rules and leases. 

How Does Leasing to SSHH Work?

  • Leasing to SSHH means that the owner of the rental property receives one monthly rent check from the tenant (SSHH) regardless of occupancy levels. You become a partner in serving our community and the success of our organization.
  • As the tenant, SSHH takes care of day-to-day operations, property management, participant-caused damage, and participant selection. This is worry-free leasing! 
  • Leasing to SSHH benefits local governments, businesses, and providers by expanding much-needed affordable housing.

A Few Words From Our Landlords 

“Working with SSHH is a win-win proposition. I use my construction skills to fix up houses and improve neighborhoods. I try to configure each house in a way where six people can live comfortably. SSHH provides a house monitor and infrastructure so the houses can be maintained. It’s nice to get a regular rent check in the mail, and not to have the burden and loss of revenue involved with a turnover of renters. Also, providing housing to people in need is difficult, but essential.”

- Bruce Morse, Owner of 7 SSHH Homes.


- Craig Letvin, Owner of 2 SSHH Homes.


Have questions, concerns, or an interest in leasing to SSHH? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!