SSHH Mentioned in Discussion of Local Homeless Services 2022

Will voters in California force homeless people out of sight? One city pushes new battleground

HART Groups Collect Hundreds of Resources for Vulnerable Students 2022

Backpack Drive Success

SSHH Mentioned by Citrus Heights City Council Candidates 2022

Here’s what Citrus Heights Candidates Say About Addressing Homelessness

Elk Grove HART Donation Drive 2022

Local Community Contributes to Support Local Nonprofits

Special Thanks to LTEC Community Partners of the Year 2022

Clinton Success Story 2022

Sac State Student is now employed by SSHH

Renters Helpline Promotions 2022

SSHH's Renters Helpline answers around 500 calls per month from tenants and landlords looking for information.

When can a landlord raise rent? 

SSHH and City of Lodi Open Tiny Homes 2022

The City of Lodi held a ribbon cutting for the Harmony Homes Project

City unveils tiny homes to serve as a transition for the unsheltered

SSHH receives award from AETNA 2022

Funding will help individuals experiencing homelessness address barriers to safe and affordable housing.

Aetna Recognizes Sacramento Self-Help Housing with Community Heart Awards

Let Them Eat Cake Promo and Success Story 2022

LTEC is a showcase of local amateur bakers

Enjoy cake this week and help a Sacramento organization continue its mission of helping the unhoused

Do you know your rights as a renter? 2021

SSHH's program, the Renters Helpline provides free asssitance to renters in the region.

Free help available in Sacramento

HART Winter Respite Centers 2021

HART of Folsom Announces Selter

Citrus Heights HART Annouces Shelter

Elk Grove HART Warming Centers

Housewarming for the Unhoused 2021

SSHH is proud to announce the 4th Annual winter donation drive

Sac Self-Help Housing Announces “Housewarming for the Unhoused” Donation Drive

Renters Helpline and Rent Hikes 2021

Sacramento raises allowable rent hikes for the year from 6% to 9%

City Hall is coordinating with Sacramento Self-help Housing on tenant outreach and education

Sacramento’s trend of rising rent may not slow down 2021

As more people from the Bay Area move to Sacramento, the demand for apartment complexes is on the rise and rent prices continue to soar. 

When you had SB 1482, SB 91, you’ve got the Tenant Protection Act...

Despite the rising cost of housing, there are still routes to homeownership 2021

"If people are looking for help locally reach out to the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency or Sacramento Self Help Housing, and of course, Habitat for Humanity."

The cost of homeownership continues to rise across California including in Sacramento.

SHRA Discusses Evictions 2021

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed the rent moratorium extension designed to save millions of people who are still struggling financially because of the pandemic.

Sacramento Housing Alliance discusses eviction moratorium extension, what comes next

Join the Cake Part Full Live Stream 2021

The community is invited to tune in to learn more about the nonprofit organization.

Join the ‘cake’ party

Elk Grove Opens New Transitional House 2021

Elk Grove opened its newest transitional housing project for homeless families Tuesday. The 2,900-square-foot, seven-room layout on Moon Creek Way

Elk Grove opens new transitional homeless housing project; site to serve unhoused families

Housing for homeless Sac State Students 2021

Sacramento State news shares SSHH's new interim housing program available to unhoused students.

New program provides housing for homeless Sac State students

Unhoused College Students and how SSHH can help 2021

Sacramento State Hornet talked about the issue of homelessness on college campuses. 

Sacramento community shares experiences with homelessness, ways to help 

HART Respite centers supporting the unhoused community 2021 

Sacramento Press talks about the many HART resources readily available to the local unhoused.

Local Respite Centers Are Now Open For Those In Need 

Renters Helpline and how they can help 2021

KCRA covers the implications of the rent moratorium and mentions the Renters Helpline Resources.

CA's rent moratorium is set to expire. What it means for renters and landlords.

Do you know your rights as a renter? 2021

ABC10 talks about renters helpline and resources for renters and landlords. 

Free Help Available

COVID-19 Resources 2020

ABC10 talks about how SSHH's Renter Helpline can help those struggling to pay rent during the time of COVID.

Tool for Renters

Seniors on the Streets ABC10 2020

ABC10 shares the struggles of seniors on the streets, and SSHH's solution.  


Out and Alone 2019

Uplinger said. “I can just look back to last October when I was working with Sacramento Self-Help Housing to get people into the county’s shelter system. Most of the people we took off the streets, and off the river, were seniors with disabilities.”

Sacramento homeless shelter cost $5 million. How many people did it get off the streets? 2019

Halcon said she also hopes to add more housing organizations to work with shelter guests, including those that specialize in finding non-subsidized housing. Sacramento Self Help Housing and Sacramento Covered, two of the main organizations housing people at Railroad Drive, focused mostly on subsidized housing.

Mini-shelters for the homeless: Does Sacramento have a solution for Shasta County? 2019

Ewert got the idea for the mini shelters from Sacramento Self-Help Housing, an organization that gets chronically homeless people into homes. Under the interim housing program, case managers work with clients as they transition into permanent housing.

City Council votes to move ahead with building a shelter on Ethan Way 2019 

"The Sacramento City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to authorize the city manager to build a homeless shelter planned for a parking lot near the intersection of Ethan and Hurley ways."

Homeless Attempt Cleanup To Stave Off Eviction From Vacant Lot On Stockton Blvd. 2019 

"'It will be occurring in phases but should be completed within a couple months. We have advised the homeless several times and will continue before the big move,' Hampton says. “When we do the big push, we will be partnering with several homeless advocates and other homeless services.' Hampton says the department is working with the Department of Human Assistance, Sacramento Self Help Housing, Veteran Services and ELICA Health Service.  It's also reached out to Mental Health Services, homeless navigators for the county and Sacramento Steps Forward."

Winter Sanctuary gives homeless overnight shelter, hope 2019  

"William added that he continues to search for housing. “Right now, I’m working with Sacramento Self Help Housing on that, and so far it’s looking pretty good,” he said. Christopher, another EG WINS guest, as well as a Marine veteran, said that his homelessness is related to his post-traumatic stress disorder."

Hope, Humanity & Housing: Life on Sacramento streets 2018 

"Some people are a little hesitant to let us rent their rooms because they're thinking negative connotations with homeless people,” said Richelle Cullen with Sacramento Self-Help Housing. “But, they're so respectful. These houses are cleaner than my house."

‘An outstanding model’: Sacramento County has permanently housed 416 homeless people  2018 

"Residents can then apply for housing vouchers or Social Security benefits, Callahan said, and be placed in permanent housing through Sacramento Self-Help Housing, which leases private homes and apartments, sometimes at no cost to the newly housed tenant as they work to stabilize their income and routine."

Beyond the borders, As the politics of rent stabilization heat up inside the city, the new Sacramento Tenants Union enters the suburbs 2018 

"According to Sacramento Self Help Housing, a nonprofit working to prevent homelessness, its assistance line has received 10,359 calls in the last three years, with a large portion about rent hikes and evictions."

City to purchase house for homeless families 2018 

"The property will be purchased by the city for $419,250, and the house will be transferred to the city’s nonprofit partner, Sacramento Self-Help Housing, and its associated entity, Housing Solutions, Inc., for long-term ownership. That transfer will include a deed restriction for the purpose of ensuring the intended use of the structure."

Hope, Humanity & Housing: 69-year-old gets a second chance after living on Sacramento streets 2018 

"The county approved funding for a partnership with Sacramento Self-Help Housing’s scattered-site rehousing program. The county-funded program targets individuals with the highest barriers to finding affordable housing – such as people with prior evictions, addictions, and disabilities."

Hope, Humanity & Housing: Terminally ill and living on Sacramento streets 2018 

"Although Joshua’s House couldn’t yet help Murphy -- Fitzwater could. She stepped in financially, covering Murphy’s motel costs until she could find him a permanent home for his final month. Fitzwater’s effort paid off. For the last month of Murphy’s life, he struck the housing lottery in the shape of a fifth wheel provided by Sacramento Self-Help Housing."

Sacramento Mayor Supports Temporary Rent Control, Council Members Propose Other Tenant Protections 2018 

"Their plan also calls for more money for Sacramento’s Self-Help Housing rental assistance and education programs, money that could come a pending statewide ballot measure that the state legislature voted to put before voters this November."

This man cost Sacramento County more in one year than any other homeless person 2018 

"'It's been a slow go for some people,' Marshall said. "But if we find them and they are homeless and in a critical situation, we will keep coming back even if they send us away. We'll come back 54 times if necessary." Once enrolled, clients dictate their specific needs, she said. Some are interested in drug or mental health counseling or need to sign up for Social Security or health care. Some want temporary shelter. But the ultimate gauge of the program's success will be permanent supportive housing. Sacramento Self Help Housing is working with the county and its clients toward that end, she said."

Why hundreds more homeless camps and tons of garbage have been cleared from the popular parkway 2018 

"The county is contracting with the nonprofit Sacramento Self Help Housing to place former campers in rental homes that serve as shelters until they are ready to move into permanent housing, said Cindy Cavanaugh, director of homeless initiatives for the county."

Some Neighbors Question Housing Program for Homeless Families 2018 

"The city is considering purchasing a property for a program that would move homeless families into and out of it. Sacramento Self-Help Housing spokesman Ken Bennett says neighbors typically have the same worries. "Some people are naturally afraid of the homeless," he said."

Board Approves Sac Self-Help Housing Contract 2018 

"Today the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors authorized the County Department of Human Assistance to enter into an agreement with Sacramento Self Help Housing (SSHH) to operate the Full Service Rehousing Shelter Program (FSRS)."

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