Greenfair Towers-Garden Apartment

701-702 Fairgrounds Drive, Sacramento, California, 95817, Sacramento
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No renters insurance required.

Rent is 30% of income. Deposit is one months rent. Pet Deposit is no more than $300, income based.

Wait list for Towers is 6-12 months, for Gardens is 2-4 years. No Co-Signers. H.U.D. For Gardens - individual addresses.

Contact Details

  Phone Number :  916-456-6427

Starting Prices

  Subsidized Pricing
  Water/Garbage/Sewer :  Landlord Pays
  Wait List Available

# of Rooms

  # of Rooms :  1

Living Details

  Living Situation :  Co-Ed

Pets Information

  Pets Allowed :  Yes
  Pet Deposit :  300.00
  Pet Notes

Pet - one pet limit per unit. Pet Deposit is no more than $300, income based.

Criminal History Acceptances

No criminal backgrounds accepted.

For Senior Properties

  Senior Living Age Requirement :  62+

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