River Cove Apartments

6290 Fennwood Court, Sacramento, CA, 95831
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Apartments with single, twin, triple bedroom, and duplex units. Single bedrooms start at $995, twins start at $1085, and triple bedrooms at $1365, duplexes at $1425, all unit types have a $500 deposit. Landlord pays for water/sewer/garbage. Pets are not allowed. Wheelchair accessible, willing to retrofit and make reasonable accommodations.

Rental requirement set at 2.5 times the rent, need good credit (700+). Renters insurance and cosigner needed. Those with discharged bankruptcies are allowed. Does not allow those with criminal backgrounds. 

Contact Details

  Phone Number :  9163931930

Starting Prices

  Deposit :  500.00
  One Bedroom :  995.00
  Two Bedrooms :  1085.00
  Three Bedrooms :  1365.00
  Water/Garbage/Sewer :  Landlord Pays


  Income Criteria :  2.5 times the Rent
  Cosigner Allowed
  No evictions allowed
  Accepts Good Credit (660+)
  Accepts bankruptcies

Living Details

  Living Situation :  Co-Ed
  Willing to Retrofit

Criminal History Acceptances

No criminal background

For Senior Properties

  Mobility :  Wheelchair Access



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