"Her tenacity helped me get my life back together..."

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Every night, Sean begins his nighttime routine with the intent of, eventually, not needing to move his body off the bed and onto the floor in order to fall asleep.

On Christmas Eve Sean was hit by a car while crossing the street at a Walgreen’s storefront. He was headed to the store to pick up a Christmas card for his friend. After being discharged from the EMT, Sean slept on the ground in the Walgreens parking lot.

When the police were called to remove him from the parking lot the next morning, on Christmas morning, Sean enlisted their help and decided it was time he got off the street.  

When I met with Sean, last month, he had been staying in Mather Community Park for 3 months. He was visibly comfortable, confident, and thriving. “I couldn't have gotten off the street without Toni’s help. Her tenacity helped me get my life back together, and I couldn’t be more thankful.”  

Toni Morgan is the Citrus Heights Homeless Outreach Navigator. She met Sean at the Citrus Heights HART Winter Sanctuary.

“Sean just needed a little push. Whenever a client comes to me I give them homework, like applying for an ID or completing a resume. I ask them to make an effort. Sean responded very well to my program.” Says Morgan.

In February Sean moved into the Mather Community Campus. And is today celebrating 60 days sober. His plan is to stay at Mather until he can afford a car and finds a good job. We’re all confident he will be moving on, to a life of self-sufficiency and independent living soon.  

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