John takes time out of his duties to say hello to his unsheltered neighbors while running a respite center on cold Friday mornings. He is well known there and is affectionately known as “the Trinity guy”. 

John Craynak runs the midtown HART respite center at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. His mission? To create a comfortable place for people to come in and get information, get resources and relax. A Respite center is a place of relief where any community members can go to escape the elements and get refreshments. The respite center is open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Friday. 

John has been a member of Midtown HART since it started a year ago and has ran the respite center since its opening during summer 2019. As a representative of the Trinity Cathedral, Craynak’s experience conducting different programs for the church, like their Wednesday night dinner program, is how he assumed responsibility as leader of the midtown respite. 

Additionally, Sacramento Steps Forward Navigator, Jenny Jordan, works at the Respite center to help house the unsheltered population in the area by getting them into shelters and housing programs. As navigator, Jenny finds homeless individuals to get them to the respite center so she can help them in their next steps to obtain sustainable housing.

Midtown HART accomplished one of its plans by opening another respite center at Saint Johns Lutheran church, located on 17th and L Street. 

-Eric J

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