Albert Einstein Residence Center

1935 Wright St, Sacramento, California, 95825
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Senior apartments 62 years and over also handicapped and disabled persons.HUD property income based, sliding scale. Provides dinner Monday through Friday, excludes holidays and weekends at an additional 240 per month

Contact Details

  Phone Number :  9169729555
  Email :  Lfinke@

Starting Prices

  Water/Garbage/Sewer :  Landlord Pays
  Pet Deposit :  300.00
  Wait List Available

# of Rooms

  # of Rooms :  1,2


  Accepts evictions between 2 to 7 years ago
  Accepts Bad Credit (619 and below)
  Accepts bankruptcies
  Housing Voucher
  Animals Allowed :  Pets

Living Details

  Living Situation :  Co-Ed
  Willing to Retrofit
  Elevator Available

Senior Properties

  Senior Living Age Requirement :  62+
  Mobility :  Ambulatory ,Wheelchair Access

Criminal History Acceptances

  Accepts Criminal Background
  Accepts Misdemeanors
  No Violence-Related Crime
  No Drug-Related Crime : 

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