St. Francis Terrace Apartments

2525 L Street, Midtown, California, 95816, Midtown
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No Renters Insurance required. No Co-signers accepted.

Rent on a 1bdrm $447-$805, 2bdrm $536-$1,027, 3bdrm $692-$1,187. Deposit same as first month rent. Application Fee $25. No pets accepted. Tkak-system used for income requirements.

Contact Details

  Phone Number :  916-443-6380
  Website :

Starting Prices

  Application Fee :  25.00
  One Bedroom :  447.00
  Two Bedrooms :  536.00
  Three Bedrooms :  692.00
  Water/Garbage/Sewer :  Landlord Pays

# of Rooms

  # of Rooms :  1


  Accepts evictions between 2 to 7 years ago
  Accepts bankruptcies
  Rapid Rehousing
  Housing Voucher

Living Details

  Living Situation :  Co-Ed
  Willing to Retrofit
  Elevator Available

Pets Information

  Pets Allowed :  Companion Animal,Service Animal
  Pet Notes

No Pets accepted unless Service Animal.


Criminal History Acceptances

  Accepts Misdemeanors

Accepts Misdemeanors 4 years or older.

No Felonies and No 290 Registrants accepted.


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