Ridgstone Apartments

8180 Center Parkway, Sacramento, California, 95825
Call for details price
Ridgestone Apartments offers 1 bedroom units for $800 with a $775 deposit. 2 bedroom apartments for $925 with a $875 deposit and cottages for $995 with a deposit of $945. Tenant is responsible for monthly payment for Water/Sewer/Garbage. $25 for a 1bdrm. $50 for a 2bdrm and $50 for a Cottage. Pets, cats or dogs, 30lbs or under are allowed. Cats require a $100 deposit and dogs require a $150 deposit. Ridgestone Apartments have wheelchair access.

Contact Details

  Phone Number :  9164245970

Starting Prices

  Deposit :  775.00
  One Bedroom :  800.00
  Two Bedrooms :  925.00

# of Rooms

  # of Rooms :  1,2


  Income Criteria :  2.5 times the Rent
  Cosigner Needed
  No evictions allowed
  Accepts Good Credit (600+)
  No bankruptcies allowed
  Animals Allowed :  Pets
  Animals Notes

Cats and dogs 30lbs and under are allowed. A $100 deposit is required for cats and $150 for dogs.

Living Details

  Living Situation :  Co-Ed

Senior Properties

  Mobility :  Ambulatory ,Wheelchair Access

Criminal History Acceptances

  Accepts Criminal Background
  Accepts Misdemeanors
  No Violence-Related Crime
  No Drug-Related Crime : 

Accepts tenats with a felony on thier record. Call for more specific information regarding if they have specific perameters regarding how long ago the felony took place.


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